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Gortraney Front copy- low
Gortraney rear copy low
Sun room Final copy low
Gortraney photos sunroom
Gortraney photos bathroom 2
Gortraney kitchen photo
Gortraney photos kitchen 3
Gortraney photos bathroom 1
Gortraney photos upstairs ensuite
Gortraney photos ensuite upstairs 2
Gortraney photos landing
Gortraney photos hallway


“Poplar Wood” will take your breath away! It truly offers the rare opportunity to create an amazing bespoke home at an affordable price. The name “Poplar Wood” has been given to the house because of the mesmerising front view which over-looks a small copse of slender swaying poplar trees that are almost hypnotic to gaze at. Every detail of this homehas been agonised over and it shows. Just look at the use of glass to the rear of the home, the fantastic rural views are not wasted or ignored they are encapsulated and used as living ever changing art. Moodenhancing light floods through the house which combined with the rustle of the trees creates a cocoon of peace in a busy world.


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